Our Mission: Supporting Childhood Education

Aabhaar is an NGO registered with the Delhi Govt. Reg.No.324, Book 4, Vol. 30,160.
What We DoHow You Can Help

We've seen the need

We’ve all come across genuine cases that need charitable support. People who need help.

We've been skeptical too

Like you, we have given donations and wondered if all the amount actually goes to someone in need

Aabhaar was created to foster a network of individuals who support social causes based on individual trust and due diligence. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers; and apply 100% of the donated funds towards charitable initiatives. Our current focus is to find children who can’t afford quality education and give them financial support.

In Hindi, Aabhaar (आभार) is formal word that expresses gratitude. Team Aabhaar is thankful for the support their families got in the past from compassionate souls. Aabhaar is their way of paying it forward.